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Advanced Strokes/Evaluation and Treatment

There are three parts to the workshop; first, the introduction of 24 new strokes (many of which were invented by Howard Rontal).

Second, there are comprehensive recipe approaches to working on low back pain and neck pain. The recipe approaches include the new strokes and a hands-on review of the relevant strokes from the first two courses.

Third, this course includes basic strategies for evaluation and treatment, in other words going beyond recipe approaches to knowing how to translate what you see in the client's body and what they feel to an effective course of treatment.

The Advanced Class represents a real difference from other hands-ons modalities in its simplicity, its underlying methodology, the relative ease it takes to learn and become competent, and its immediate effectiveness.

This course, even more than the first two, is almost all hands-on.

Sunday afternoon students are encouraged to bring friends and family to class who have particular problems (neck pain, low back issues, etc.). Under Howard's direction groups of students will work on those they bring in to demonstrate how the treatment strategies and the new strokes fit together.

Further, because we will be working on people with real problems Howard may introduce other valuable strokes and strategies not demonstrated in class before. Howard will have these strokes filmed as he works, edited, and transferred to DVD which he will then mail to you. This DVD is included in the tuition for the seminar.

You do not have to be certified in the Myofascial Release Massage to take this class.

As part of the seminar you will also receive a 122 page, fully illustrated manual (sample pages) that includes a summary of all the key points discussed in class.

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Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage

"I just wanted to let you know that I did your myofascial release on my friend at work.

"His arm seemed to be sore from 'golfer's elbow'.

"Afterwards he was amazed with the results. He went to hit balls that night.

"Since then his golfing score has greatly improved, he's hitting farther than before."

Renee Vinocur
Orange, Ohio

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