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Arthritis Testimonials

Dear Howard Rontal,

I am writing this letter to you to share how your seminar on Myofascial Release has helped me to change the life of my father. The practices that you teach are truly remarkable.

Before I treated my father with the Myofascial Therapy I learned from you, he suffered from arthritis in his knees that causes him to walk with a cane. After one treatment of lower leg release to the knees, he was able to get up and walk across the room with very little pain and without the use of his cane.

I feel that the knowledge I have gained from your seminars have helped me to not only change the life of my father, but will help me to change the life of many people in the future.

Jason Slaughter

Hi there, Howard.

Sorry it's taken me longer than a year to report my miracles, but here it is. My 74 year old grandmother has me work on her arthritic hands every visit. She gets tremendous relief for a few days to a few weeks at a time.

A dear friend from college has MS, and experiences numbess in her hands often, if not constantly. Our visits always yield her extensive relief of her symptoms, if only for a while. Not to mention my parents who fight for my time whenever I visit home (they live 2 hours away) for their myriad symptoms of aging.

I'm the only one who gets no relief! I have taught my husband some strokes that I can sometimes bribe him into doing for me. I have since left Cleveland Therapy Center where I worked when I took your seminar at the Ohio College of Massotherapy (I think that's what it's called, in Akron/Medina area). I have only taken the upper body portion and have been desperately wanting to take the lower body.

Thank you again for your service and help. MFR massage has bettered the lives of my friends and family. They thank you too. Oh, I forgot to mention my javelin thrower — he threw his personal best and went to regionals after I worked on his throwing mechanism.

Thank you,
Susan Mehallick

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage