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Athletic Performance Testimonials

Hi Howard.

First of all I want to say thank you so much for teaching such a fabulous class over the weekend. My brain is so full of new information.

Secondly I wanted to let you know about my bike ride this morning post myofascial release. I'm the one who had the flat right foot and knee that pointed inward and when I rode my bike I had pain in my right hip. So today as soon as I got on my bike I could see that my ankle, knee and hip were all in a straight line!

I rode for 24 miles and kept a good pace at 14.1 mph which is good for me any day. What I noticed as different:

  • My ankles were very flexible.
  • I never felt a strain or pain in my right hip capsule.
  • My right leg felt very loose and relaxed unlike before and conversely my left leg was very stressed and painful for the first 11 miles then felt fine (perhaps because so much change had happened on the other leg it was readjusting old patterns).
  • My lung capacity was amazing!! Normally I grunt uphill pretty well but at the top or on the flats I poke along because I am panting so much. Not today! My breathing was so much smoother and I recovered right away so I could really speed up on the flat areas even when I was crouched low over my bike.
  • Recovery at the end of my ride was speedy. Last week I rode my bike for 20 miles and when I finished my hamstring origins were screaming for several days. Not today. There was no pain there. Truly amazing. I felt very balanced between quads and hamstrings the whole way.

I thought you would be interested in my results soon after our class. I am so thrilled how I felt I can't wait to ride again. We can all add bicyclists to our list of potential clients.

Thanks again and best regards,

Carol Rossetti

athletic performance testimonial

Dear Sue,

13 feet!!! Thanks for letting me know.

Happy Holidays,

Yes, I'm fairly certain. It was at the end of the season, and his throw hadn't changed, his approach hadn't changed. He was consistently throwing around 85 feet. I worked on him at a tourney, and his throwing arm was about 3 inches longer than before. He gained about 13 feet that day, and threw further for the next few weeks. (Despite recurrent shoulder trouble-also, that pain subsided for awhile as well.) I figured you'd like to know. And I thank you again for your help upon your return home.

Hi Howard. How's life?

I've been very busy in Cleveland. Just wanted to let you know that I did MFR on my friend at work. His arm seemed to be sore from "Golfer's elbow". His Flexor Carpi Ulnaris was hypertonic.

I did the proceedure on his extensors, and flexors, along with his hand. He writhed in pain during the proceedure, but afterwards was amazed with the results.

He went to hit balls that night. His arm was so loose he said: "I thought I broke it". Since then his golfing score has greatly improved, he's hitting farther than before.

I preformed the proceedure last week Weds. Today, I palpated his muscles in the extensor group, and they were still very soft and flexable. I often do the "occipital ridge" treatment on people with stiff necks and headaches. Everyone has been amazed with the results.I've also been working on my boyfriend's sprained ankle. He has felt much relief from the treatments.

Hope all is well with you. Take care and keep in touch.

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage