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Athletic Trainers Testimonials

I have taken the Myofascial Release Massage Upper and Lower Body seminars with Howard Rontal as the instructor and learned a great deal. Howard shows great passion for the work he teaches. This shows in his preparation of his classes, his precision techniques, and his no-nonsense approach to teaching.

As a Certified Athletic Trainer I have used the techniques extensively for various injuries. The best thing about these techniques is the immediate results. In 10 seconds I can demonstrate significant increases in range of motion anywhere on the body. I almost still don't believe it.
Matthew Hetrick
Ypsilanti, MI

Dear Sue,

13 feet!!! Thanks for letting me know.

Happy Holidays,

Yes, I'm fairly certain. It was at the end of the season, and his throw hadn't changed, his approach hadn't changed. He was consistently throwing around 85 feet. I worked on him at a tourney, and his throwing arm was about 3 inches longer than before. He gained about 13 feet that day, and threw further for the next few weeks. (Despite recurrent shoulder trouble-also, that pain subsided for awhile as well.) I figured you'd like to know. And I thank you again for your help upon your return home.

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage