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Breathing Problems Testimonials

Dear Howard,

I just wanted to write and tell you about the amazing results a client of mine has gone through since I started working on him 3 weeks ago. This client had gone through complete heart replacement in 2004. He was referred to me by a local Chiropractic Dr. I see this client once a week for 1 hour sessions.

My first session was only 30 minutes long, using regular massage techniques I felt that I didn't accomplish much for this client.

We rescheduled for the following week. At this time I spoke with the client and asked him if it was alright if we took another approach with his treatment. He was a little confused, he didn't understand what I meant. I explained the myofascial release technique approach to him. He was very open to it.

It has been a completely amazing journey with this client. When he first came he was extremely "restricted" in the chest cavity. I could feel the restrictions and scar tissue. My thought was... "where do I start"?

I focused on the sternum and ribs first then into the diaphragm area. It was very exciting to actually see & feel the changes happening immedately.

When working in the diaphragm area, this client was so restricted it was causing him some breathing issues... after 3 sessions he can take deep, long breathes.

After the short period of working with this client he is feeling much better, informs me he can do more meaningful things in his life and can actually bend over to tie his shoes!

I can't say enough about the use of Myofascial Release... It's great!!
Thanks Again,
Lori-Ann A. Gallant-Heilborn, LMT
Warwick, RI

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage