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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Testimonials

Since I won't see you til the end of the month, I thought I'd pass this story along to occurred at Massage Envy in Rockville...

A client who had requested an appointment with me specifically, came in and told me that among other issues, she felt like she'd lost the use of her right thumb. She had problems gripping anything, had to use her left hand to drink from a coffee mug, and certainly had major problems writing with a pen. She told me that she felt like her thumb had been cut off.

I thought I knew immediately what the problem was and set out to check adductor pollicis. It was indeed very tight and I worked on it using the MRM techniques, followed by MRM on her extensors and flexors of the forearm. At the end of the session, she was telling the front desk that when she came in, she had no thumb, but now, "Al sewed it back on, and it's working just fine."

- Al Twanmo

Hi Howard,

I continue to use my Myofascial Release Massage techniques with great pleasure. Even though I live in a state with practically the worst economy, my massage practice is constantly growing. I firmly believe it has a lot to do with the fact I incorporate your techniques in just about every massage I do.

My clients are experiencing results, therefore they feel the time and money are well worth it. They in turn tell more potential clients and I have been steady and sometimes too busy in these uncertain times.

I have a client who was just about to schedule for surgery for carpal tunnel when she heard about me and this work. She has a very repetitive job that is also physically demanding (not to mention stressful). To make matters worse, her hobby was knitting!!!

After a few weekly sessions, she went back to the doctor. She told him about the MFR massage and that she was experiencing less numbness, weakness and was not wearing her braces at night any more. She was told that as long as she kept up with the treatments of MFR, she could put off surgery indefinitely.

With her type of work we have found that MFR every 2 to 3 weeks keeps her pain-free, with no numbness or tingling and she has not had to wear the wrist braces for over 2 years. She has no plans to ever have surgery.

By the way, the neck techniques you taught in the advanced class are, by far, my favorite to use, thank you so much!!

I trade with other massage therapists and they are always impressed with all the MFR techniques so I keep reminding them of your classes. I tell them it is one of the best values for the time and money, especially since they will "own" the techiques by the end of the weekend.

I hope all is well with you Howard.

Mary Knight

Dear Howard,
I apologize for the delay in this requested message! Between family, school, my work and temple duties things have been quite busy. Also, I was unable to attend the workshop you suggested due to the same reasons. Nevertheless, you requested info on the woman I worked on diagnosed with CTS. Most of the following information is directly from her chart.

The woman I worked on had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was advised by her physician to begin considering surgery for the problem. She had been referred to me by a client of mine as a 'last resort'. Upon assessment I noticed slight edema of the hand and wrist area as well as coolness when compared with the opposite hand. The shoulder height on the side with supposed CTS was also significantly higher than the opposite. This suggested to me possible involvement of anterior scalene (and thus TOS).

The first treatment involved a full upper body release to out-rule any secondary compensation. More care, however, was given to the posterior/anterior neck and Sub-Occipitals (Note: Ant. neck very sensitive). The second treatment was placed for the following week, same day. Upon returning for second appointment, client testified to a 40% decrease in symptoms 3 days after initial treatment. Mainly the treatment involved work to: Upper Trapezius, Levator Scapulae, Sub-Occipitals and Scalenes. Ant. neck much easier to work. A reassessment shows a significant drop in shoulder height with warmth and color back in hand; no edema present.

I had scheduled the preceding treatment again for the following week. I had called her about 4 days after treatment when she said symptoms fell over 60%!!! In any event, after the third treatment she said her symptoms are almost completely gone. I still work on her twice a month with great results. Needless to say, she isn't considering surgery any more!

I would also like to add that I have been working on a young female athlete and have been employing the MFR technique for chronic shallow breathing in each session. She testifies that her performance has greatly improved and has felt physically better in general after I began to use these strokes. Currently I am about to work on other athletes and am interested in seeing if they experience the same results with improved performance.

Best Regards,
(Chester Scalese)

Dear Howard,

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly two years. The purpose of this letter is to advise you, without the use of Myofascial Release my practice would be closed. Here are a few examples of how I use the work.

I see several pregnant woman who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of pregnancy. The upper body work you taught has given them relief through the remainder of there pregnancy. Also, pregnant woman usually suffer from piriformis syndrome. The technique you taught has given instant relief.

Tim, is a 28y/o male who suffered a stroke two years ago which left his left side paralyzed. I offered him a myofascial release massage to see what his results would be. He told me two days after the session that for the first time since the stroke, he was able to experience feeling in his arm.

I see four to six clients a day and I use some type of myofascial release on each client. My goal is to treat my clients for there initial complaint, and not be an aspirin that lasts twenty four hours. My over all goal is to keep my clients pain free for at least four to six weeks. With the techniques I have learned from you, I am happy to say that is happening with 96% of clients.

Howard, Thank You for sharing your wisdom and Knowledge with me.

Leonard E Thompson,
LMT Licensed By The Ohio State Medical Board

Dear Howard,

Thank you for your recognition on the question from the test. It was question #5, For which of the following conditions is myofascial release always contraindicated? two were obvious but varicous veins was listed as the third choice and the correct answer was, "all of the above" and I put A&B excluding varicous veins because of the conversations in class and that word "always" threw me!!!

But enough of my "complaining" as I didn't tell you that when I worked on the repair man from the hotel named Bill, he said at different times so many comments but the one that "struck" me big time was that he had blocked off his body and mind for so many years as if it didn't exist....but that one treatment opened up his entire self...soul and body!!! I am soooooo curious over this acknowledgement from Bill, and did order those books I showed you the titles to. What is this rare vein of gold???

I have had brief experiences with people I was priviledged to meet that showed me a sample of such...but my life went on and I only sipped a drop here and there. The actor known as Richard Geire talked to me about his new findings in Tibet religion and how it changed his life. Is there a simularity in myofascial release? How does this all fit??

Today I went to pick up many necesssary items and at the Dollar General store bought 3 large bags of kitty litter. The young girl at the counter reached over and tried to pick up the bags and she grabbed her wrists and looked like she was about to cry...said she was developing carpal since no one was behind me I asked her if I could demonstrate a marvelous therapy I was learning in school. She allowed me to work dorsal and ventral forearms and her hands until another consumer approached. She had the biggest smile and said that she had never in a long time felt the pain go away.

This evening I went out for dinner at a Mexican dive and ate with friends and the owner who is also a professor at Kent State Univ. he has experienced a cronic case of lymes disease and the doctors barely was able to save his life. His arms and joints were stiff and sore. So as he drank Dos XXXs I massaged his arms and hands and he couldn't get over the relief he felt..He usually is a joker but he was dead serious that it was helping greatly. He then got up and danced with the Mari Achi band!! Too funny for results on this treatment..did I create a monster?tee hee hee!

These cases took such little time and made my heart so full and happy to give people a sense of health and giving from someone that cares. Through life, we often do care but cannot go further and this has opened a door of great compassion to serve others... I am sooo jazzed about it all!!!

Thank you many times over,
but as far as the vase of flowers
goes, I'll borrow Shulzes words,

"I know nothzing!!!"
Rhonda J. Magdych

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage