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Frozen Shoulder Testimonials


I've had two clients contact me after seeing them this week....

"Client 1" has been seeing me bi-weekly in conjunction with her chiro due to nerve impingement issues. After our session this week where I added additional Myofascial Release techniques, she reported the next day to feeling better than she has in weeks. What a wonderful way to start a morning, knowing that I've help to relieve some pain for a repeat client dealing with pain for months.

"Client 2" came to see me this week, not having much bodywork ever. She was having trouble raising her arm laterally and couldn't even wash her hair in the morning. After two session in which I incorporated Myofascial Release techniques, she is now pain-free and back to full range of motion.

Thank you so much Howard, for sharing your knowledge and passion for this work to me (us). I expect to use these new techniques more and more with each client, new or repeat. And expect nothing but wonderful results!

Leslie A. Rudisill, CMT


I recently had an out-of-town visit from my best buddy. He's in his 60's and very much overweight. He told me his right shoulder was bothering him and he couldn't get his arm above his shoulder.

I had him lay down to work on him. I worked pec major, pec minor, teres and lat, subscapularis (lateral, couldn't get medial — his scapula wouldn't budge from his rib cage!), trapezius, levator and infraspinatus. The work was all on his affected side, the right.

When I finished, he was thrilled. He was able to get full, painless motion in his right arm and shoulder. At that point, he told me I wasn't done! His right shoulder felt better than his left and now needed his left shoulder done.

I spoke to him over a week later and the work is still holding. Thanks for teaching me all of the great techniques.

Randy Gould

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage