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General Improvement

Testimonials from Howard's Massage Clients

Message From: Mary Anne DiFranco
Subject: Thank you!
To: Howard Rontal

HI Howard, I enjoyed getting together with you and having you work me over. You really helped me out a lot!! The strain that was released from my mid-lower back was huge and totally effects my movement and my meditation/conductivity. I have been on the verge of ecstasy (at least, joy) all week. It really was huge, and I would know!!!

love and thanks,
mary anne

improvement in general health

Hi Howard!

I have to share with you how wonderful I feel! My whole body loosened up: muscle pain got better and I am so much more comfortable and supple. I am back to working on my yoga and rowing machine! Whatever combo of tricks you used sure did help! Makes sense: that tailbone surgical site was probably holding decades of stuck energy.

Really, really glad you were not being held hostage in the house that day!! :)
Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage