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Pain (general) Testimonials

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I just couldn't wait to write you! I used the work I learned over the weekend on my first client at 9AM this morning. Julie has shin splints and I have treated a couple of times with little decrease in her pain level.

She started at a 9 and the last treatment had brought her down to a 7-8 which is where she was at this morning. Both she and I were thrilled that she walked out of here after her treatment with her pain reduced to a 3-4!

I also had the opportunity to use it again on another client who ~ 1 year ago, broke both tibia and fibula just below the the joint plateaus. She had lots of hardware which has since been removed, but has suffered from constant pain and decreased ROM. To make matters worse, she is now pregnant and the pain has increased with the weight gain of her preganancy.

After treating the entire lower leg, hamstrings and quads her ROM has increased to the point that she can almost straighten her leg completely!

I can't wait to take your second course and am very interested in following a certification path for your methods. I would also be very interested in any instructor or instructor assistant opportunites that you might have.

Thanks so much for the great course!

Warmest Regards,
Bettyann Cernese

My pateints are getting relief from pain that we couldn't get with other modalities

Pages: 12

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage