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GERD - Reflux Testimonials

Dear Howard,

I wanted to thank you again for the wealth of information that you provided in Myofascial Release I and II. I just began massage school in January, but the techniques, and the immediate results, of myofascial release work have provided me with an immediate confidence that I know shows in the work I do.

My clients have come to depend on my skills and rather than seeking out my required massage "homework," I'm often flooded with massage requests each week. I have integrated many of the techniques into my massage, as well as providing solely myofascial release.concentrated work to those who request it and need it.

Perhaps the greatest experience I've had with this work thus far is that I am finally able to help my sister who suffers from continual GERD, or reflux disorder. She is often the victim of intense pain throughout her chest and abdomen.

While massage helps to ease her tension and relax her, it is only through the techniques that you taught us that I am able to completely release her pain. The results last anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on how stressed out she gets in the meantime (she's a therapist for the mentally ill, so you can imagine).

Previously her doctors tied many medications, including Prozac, but none were capable of ridding her of the reflux. And although she still suffers from it, it is extremely encouraging to know that I can at least release her from its grip when it attacks. I owe that all to myofascial release and to you for being such a wonderful instructor.

Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge and doing such incredible work.

Kerri Schlottman
MRM Student

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage