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Hi Howard.

First of all I want to say thank you so much for teaching such a fabulous class over the weekend. My brain is so full of new information.

Secondly I wanted to let you know about my bike ride this morning post myofascial release. I'm the one who had the flat right foot and knee that pointed inward and when I rode my bike I had pain in my right hip. So today as soon as I got on my bike I could see that my ankle, knee and hip were all in a straight line!

I rode for 24 miles and kept a good pace at 14.1 mph which is good for me any day. What I noticed as different:

  • My ankles were very flexible.
  • I never felt a strain or pain in my right hip capsule.
  • My right leg felt very loose and relaxed unlike before and conversely my left leg was very stressed and painful for the first 11 miles then felt fine (perhaps because so much change had happened on the other leg it was readjusting old patterns).
  • My lung capacity was amazing!! Normally I grunt uphill pretty well but at the top or on the flats I poke along because I am panting so much. Not today! My breathing was so much smoother and I recovered right away so I could really speed up on the flat areas even when I was crouched low over my bike.
  • Recovery at the end of my ride was speedy. Last week I rode my bike for 20 miles and when I finished my hamstring origins were screaming for several days. Not today. There was no pain there. Truly amazing. I felt very balanced between quads and hamstrings the whole way.

I thought you would be interested in my results soon after our class. I am so thrilled how I felt I can't wait to ride again. We can all add bicyclists to our list of potential clients.

Thanks again and best regards,

Carol Rossetti

Hip Improves - after 15 years!

Hi Howard,
Just wanted to say that I loved the class! It's been several weeks now since you worked on my hip, and it's still doing fantastic! The scar tissue has softened, and the increased range of motion is still holding strong. In fact, I'm still able to sit cross-legged, something I hadn't been able to do since getting hit by that car 15 years ago.

I've noticed that I've been making a few adjustments here and there due to correcting "postural habits" I've picked up over the last decade and a half to accommodate the hip issues/pain created by injury. In fact, I've been going to a chiropractor every week for quite a while now for adjustments to correct the 'unevenness' of the hips, and for the last three visits since your class, the hips have been even. No need for an adjustment!

The chiropractor has been pretty impressed. And so have I been. Thank you so much! The work you did in class has helped me not only in my professional career, but in my personal life as well!

Gratefully Yours,

Breathing Miracles

Dear Howard;

Your work on me and training this past weekend has forever changed my life! It has very likely lengthend my life, and dramatically improved my quality of life. I will be forever grateful and feel a deep bond to you.

You had the patience and courage to keep persisting at my request (signaling since I couldn't talk much smile face) even tho you were in the process of teaching a class and could have rushed through teaching the procedure. You made me feel like I was the only one in the room. I felt that you truly cared about my end result, not just teaching or effienciey or money to be made.

Let me explain--

When I was 12 and had my first bout with pneumonia without any medical care, which turned into 3 years of very painful pleurisy with a continuous fever. At age 19 my Dr. became concerned and referred me to a pulmonologist who conducted many tests including a Bronchoscopy and a Bronchiogram. I was told that I had alot of scar tissue in my left plural cavity and lung and that I would need to be careful to aviod and be susceptible to pneumonia.

However I was offered no hope of any way to better my condition. Any attempt at a deep breath was at best difficult and frustrating, and at worst painful. For 36 years I have often woken at night trying to get a deep breath. I have since had 3 more bouts with pneumonia, and alot of bronchitis in spite of a very healthy lifestyle.

Then came you-- and the wonderful weekend and miracle I can't stop talking about. The work you did on my ribs and diaphram immediately freed up my breathing so that I am now breathing like a 12 year old!! Except more conscious of what a gift it is to inhale to my full capacity. I am so filled with joy and relief that I couldn't help but cry tho' that is not my normal reaction to bodywork.

Also, some very painful events of my life from that time period that I could never talk about came pouring out later that night to a friend there again with tears and relief and a new found freedom. I can't wait to try this on more clients, tho I have already tried it on one quadraplegic client with great results.

Again I wish to thank you with all my Lungs and Heart, and encourage you to keep passing on this great work. And to all other therapists, listen to your clients and help them set themselves free.

Gratefully Yours,
Rosie Scott

I wanted to share something that I never had the opportunity to tell you about in class. It was when you were discussing the definition of a "wrist", and then the ankle.

I injured my ankle this summer doing extensive walking on a hard surface. The more I walked the worse it got. The pain was on the front of the ankle. So, I went to my doctor who then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon as he thought there might be a fracture. My x-rays came back clean, the ortho said it was soft tissue and to just "stay off it for a while". I had already been off of it for 6 weeks!

I don't know why it hadn't occured to me before, but I started doing work on my calf and the bottom of my foot, with particular attention to lateral soleus as that lit up when I worked on it. Wouldn't you know I had the keys to the kingdom the whole time right in my own hands? The doctors were looking at the ankle, I visualized the whole system and came up with the solution. It's been great ever since!

Margo Farnsworth

esophagus - swallowing with greater ease - achalasia

Hi Howard, just wanted to say I loved the class. I haven't had any neck pain since you demonstrated on my neck Sunday afternoon. I have a long history of neck pain as do my father and sister. If I use nothing else from your class (which won't be the case because I will be practicing the seated moves on my friends at work tonight) I am psyched about using the neck traction move! Thanks again and see you in June for part II.

Nancy Rooney

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