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Massage Client Testimonials - Joyce Kent

Below are client testimonials for Joyce Kent, a practitioner of Myofascial Release Massage in Chestnut Ridge, NY. She can be reached at (609) 332-0989

Hi, Howard-

I wanted to write to you to let you know about how my massage therapist, a "disciple" of yours, and how amazing she is. My therapist is Joyce, who currently works at "Massage Envy", in Nanuet, NY.

I came to Joyce by the luck if the draw, when I walked into "Massager Envy", because I did not have a massage therapist who could address my chronic pain. I had worked with all forms of alternative medicine, acupuncture, chiropractors, and Pilates, all unsuccessful in treating or alleviating my sometimes intense pain. I had even found, after massage, I would cramp more, later after the massage, making it worse in the long run.

To make a long story short, Joyce identified the anatomy which was troublesome, and went to work on the various muscles and trigger points which she thought were the culprits. While she worked her magic, she was telling me about you and how much she learned from you, so enthusiastically.

I have since been to Joyce regularly, several times, and plan to continue. I have also brought several people to Joyce, because she is that good. They, too, have signed on to continue with Joyce going forward. Joyce, as humble as she is, credits you when she is complimented. I thought you should know that.

I thought it would be good to let you know how wonderful your student, whom I have had the privilege to have work on me, and so many others of my friends and family, is.

I have had massages in some of the most renound spas and by some of the most highly recommended massage therapists, nationally and even internationally. I have never had anyone who has been as dedicated and healing as Joyce. Each massage is tailored to my needs, both those I convey and those she somehow intuits!

I am so much better now. My pain is greatly lessened, and I thoroughly enjoy each massage experience with Joyce! I have been singing her praises to everyone I know. I thought it was time to let her teacher, whom she so respects and credits, know what a tribute she is to you!

Thank you for your part in this healing chain. Please continue your good work.

Very Sincerely,
Jody Innerfield

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Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage

"I've been getting some excellent and, at times, eye-popping results using the Myofascial Release Massage techniques.

"So now I'm applying things I learned in your course to situations I never before used to treat fascial problems.

"Also, the myofascial work I'm doing now is much more effective than what I used to do previously.

"As a result, I'm telling my clients to expect weeks of treatment for their conditions and instead they're getting better in a matter of days.

"After being a PT for 15 years I didn't know how much I still needed to learn!

"Ken Rude
Pine Plains, NY"

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