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Massage Client Testimonials - Althea Lewis

Below are client testimonials for Althea Lewis, a practitioner of Myofascial Release Massage in Croton on Hudson, NY. She can be reached at (914) 400-4317

Dear Mr. Rontal:

Just wanted to provide a first hand experience with myofascial release as performed by one of your wonderful therapists, Althea Lewis. I have had the pleasure of receiving wonderful massage therapy from Althea in the past. In June of 2010, I began experiencing pain in the shoulder blade region and believing it would "work itself out", I naturally waited until the pain migrated to the neck and became beyond unbearable.

I was ultimately diagnosed with a "massive" C6-7 disc herniation which, due to loss of arm strength and unrelenting pain, required surgery. I had surgery May 13th, 2011 and 6 weeks post operatively began myofascial release therapy with Althea.

I noticed immediate improvement in range of motion as well as significant improvement in the residual arm weakness. Althea is extremely knowledgeable, caring and regularly communicates with you regarding the thereapy session itself as well as its subsequent results. She is a physically strong therapist and it is as if her fingers and hands naturally glide to the target or problem areas.

Althea provides a complete therapy session not only in her knowledge of the profession and various massage techniques, but she infuses humor and conversation where and if appropriate!

Although I am not yet 100%, the dramatic improvement in pain reduction and range of motion alone has gotten me to the point where I feel I can comfortably, but more importantly, safely, function in not only my daily tasks but those more physically demanding tasks required of me at work. I plan to continue the myofascial program coupled with routine massage therapy.

Tine Galgano
Brewster, NY

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Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage

"I've been getting some excellent and, at times, eye-popping results using the Myofascial Release Massage techniques.

"So now I'm applying things I learned in your course to situations I never before used to treat fascial problems.

"Also, the myofascial work I'm doing now is much more effective than what I used to do previously.

"As a result, I'm telling my clients to expect weeks of treatment for their conditions and instead they're getting better in a matter of days.

"After being a PT for 15 years I didn't know how much I still needed to learn!

"Ken Rude
Pine Plains, NY"

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