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Movement - Testimonials

Hello Howard,

I just wanted to recall the incident that happened after your lower body class. I have owned my mini van for 14 years and I have driven it 160,000 miles, so when I climb into the driverís seat and buckle up, I become a part of the machine.

When I leave the massage school where you were holding classes, I need to merge into freeway traffic and cross two lanes to make my exit. I have literally done this maneuver, in this vehicle, a hundred times. After your class on Friday, where we worked on each otherís feet, feeling taller, getting a better "foot to floor" pattern, and freeing up the ankles, I went to merge across the lanes.

Well I was thrust back in my driverís set by the sudden acceleration of the van. The van had not changed but there was less resistance in my right foot and ankle and so the poor accelerator didnít seem to put up much resistance, when I thought I was easing it down. I made my merge and safely made the exit. I was VERY conscious of my breaking and acceleration the rest of that weekend.

Stan Pike

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage