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Multiple Sclerosis / Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonials


I have been working with a client by the name of Matt. He came to me with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis in which his spine and clavicle had self fused over a period of several years.

After working with him every two weeks he stared noticing a reduction in pain. So much so that he was able to reduce his pain medication by two thirds. Also, he has been noticing marked improvement in mobility and flexibility over the course of the sessions. When he talks to his doctor about it he was impressed with the strides in progress he has seen in the last year. So much so that the doctor has recommended massage to all his patients. As for the modalities used to attain this result with him, I would alternate between using myofascial release one session and therapeutic massage with a focus on Spinal patterns the next. However some stokes from myofascial massage are always incorporated into his sessions.

Daniel Novic L.M.T.


I have multiple sclerosis and have had the disease since 1974. Fortunately, I experience flare ups and remmisions. I do very well. I am quite stubborn when it comes to the disease, "I do not give in to it!". You would have never known I had the disease if I had not told you when I enrolled in your class, "Myofascial Release - Upper Body".

I am a successful massage therapist. I feel this technique has helped me personally manage my battle and would recommend it to others with the disease. I currently use this technique successfully with many of my clients.

Nancy - "This technique was used on me and my pain went away instantly."

Frank - "I could not turn my head and the doctors wanted to do surgery. This technique broke down scar tissue and gave me relief immediately. I can turn my head without pain."

The list goes on! Thank you Howard, highly recommended.

Carole Robertson

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage