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Occupational Therapists Testimonials

Dearest Howard,

Howard Rontal's Myofascial Release Massage (MRM) Courses should be taken by all practicing OTs, PTs, CHTs, ATCs and massage therapists. MRM has changed my treatment techniques and results/outcomes more than any other course I have ever taken.

I completed the excellent Level I for the Upper Body course on Sunday @ 6:00 PM and was successfully using Myofascial Release Massage (MRM) on my first patient Monday morning and throughout the day. My patients and PT colleagues absolutely love the work and are amazed at the immediate and lasting results.

Howard's course has radically changed my approach to soft tissue restriction and significantly improved my outcomes with fewer visits. I have worked with many patients with a long history of post-op pain and restrictions.

Using what I learned in these courses, I am now, in the majority of cases, quickly able to provide complete pain relief along with significant improvements in AROM, strength and function.

Patients have responded with tears of joy at their new pain-free motion and function. The results are lasting. I am continually astounded at the results.

As a CHT in a busy out patient practice, I work with several knowledgeable and skilled PTs. One of the PTs was so impressed with my MRM work, that she has gone on to take Howard's course and also been amazed at her treatment results using MRM.

Howard, thank you for being such a wonderful, excellent supportive teacher. I and all my wonderful patients who have benefited from your teaching, thank you with appreciation and deep gratitude. Through your teaching, you have improved the quality of life for so many people including my patients and me, personally. Your work on me, keeps my neck (30+ year old whiplash injury) & entire body both agile and pain free.

As a founding member of The American Society of Hand Therapists, a practicing CHT with more years of experience than I like to admit, and having taught many courses myself, I highly and strongly recommend that all take these amazing courses with a remarkable teacher.

Thank you,
Carol W. Stoddard, OTR/L, CHT

Dear Howard,

I recently took your Myofascial Release Massage for the Upper Body and wanted to comment on what I though of your course. The instruction was excellent; it was well thought out, specific in detail and yet not overwhelming. I think most of what I learned will be something I can begin using right away (and in fact have begun using).

Of the courses I have taken I would have to say it is in one of the top three I have had. Your course was the 76th course I have taken and I feel I have the experience to know a good course when I take it.

I would recommend this course to anyone and look forward to taking the follow up course on the lower extremities in August and your advanced course at some point in the future. Thank you again for the excellent work you are doing and I will see you in August.

Daniel England OTR/L, LMT, CLT, CNMT

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage