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Rehab Testimonials

As a student of Howard's, I have used MRM on many of my clients and have gained numerous successes, but two cases in particular have left some huge impacts on two of my clients' lives. I would like to share these to show anyone who reads this how amazing this work is and that it has completely changed my life and how I give therapy to my clients. Case #1: A lady of mine had broken off the head of her humerus (upper arm bone at shoulder socket) many years before she started coming for regular relaxing massage at my office. She was telling me how upset she was that she could no longer prune her shrubs because of lack of Range of Motion. So I explained to her about MRM and started to perform this work on her neck, shoulder, arm and chest. She got instant results and within 2 months of weekly work, she was at 90% ROM and was finally able to prune her shrubs once again!!

Hope that will work! I love taking these classes! It starts a fire under me again and gets me excited to work on people and change their lives! Looking forward to MRM part 4!! I will probably ride along with crystal in january when she takes the test so I will most likely see you then! Thanks again for a fun and informative weekend!!!

Richelle Garman

Hi Howard!

Thank you for the email. I do need to update my info. My husband is now a resident physician in Southern California. We bought our first home and will finally be in one location for more than 2 years! Our 4th baby is on the way.

I am currently using Myofascial Release Massage on my husband regularly. He had his pec major re-attached in March 2009. Because of the nature of his injury, it was reattached about an inch and a half distal to its natural insertion. As a result, he has suffered some painful consequences in his neck and shoulder, and, of course, his chest.

The only way he seems to get relief is through regular Myofascial Release Massage and exercise. There is a definite chain reaction when the anatomical structure of our body is altered.

Thank you for teaching me the Myofascial Release Massage. The knowledge and skills I learned from you have been very beneficial to our family and those who have received relief and improved health as a result.

Thank you,
DeAnne Flammer

Dear Howard,

This is Chester, graduate of OCM and student of MFRM. I haven't heard from you inquite some time so I wanted to write you and let you know a few items of interest.

I've used MFR quite a bit with great success! A patient of mine who has been a 'regular' for over a year broke her wrist a couple months ago (Colle's fracture). The day after she got her cast off she wanted to start treatment.

The first few sessions I did derivative friction and gentle MFR to her forearm. Her and I both decided it would be beneficial to start MFRM (something I've done on her before with great results). After about four sessions the "lnerve pain" she had been having in her wrist was 80% gone; her ROM had risen dramatically as well. Both her doctor and physical therapist are very impressed at her quick recovery.

I do have a questions I was wondering if you could help me with. I have found in most obese (and many overweight) patients, the fascia is VERY restricted and painful. In certain areas of the body it can even be felt as "clusters" or "clumps" in the pts tissue (usually around joints or areas of structural stress). What is the best way of dealing with this condition? Is this an example of "fascial restructuring"?

I'll be at the certification exam held 6/12. Thank you for teaching me!

In Gassho, Chester

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage