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Videos of Highly Effective
Myofascial Release Strokes

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1. Romboids and Trapezius
romboids trapezius massage   Press very firmly and you will also do cross fiber work on the Posterior, Superior Serratus and the erectors muscles, Longissimus and Iliocostalis.
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2. Carpal Decompression
carpal decompression massage stroke   This stroke is useful as a finish to working on carpal tunnel syndrome and for post surgical rehab when the wrist or the forearm has been casted.
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3. Forearm Interosseous
forearm interosseous massage   This stroke is useful for carpal tunnel syndrome and for post surgical rehab when the forearm or the wrist has been casted.
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4. Tibialis Posterior Stroke
tibialis posterior massage   I've found this stroke surprisingly useful for working with troublesome knees.
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5. Terres Minor Insertion Stroke #1
terres minor insertion massage stroke This stroke is a must for working on frozen shoulder.
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6. Anterior Hip Capsule Release
anterior hip capsule release A great stroke, learned in an Erik Dalton class, helping to righten posture and increase range and ease of motion in the hips.
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7. Levator Scapulae Insertion Stroke
Levator Scapulae Insertion Stroke Once you've pushed the scapulae down to the end of the levator scapulae's full extension you can do a cross fiber stroke on the insertion.
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8. Terres Minor Insertion Stroke #2
Terres Minor Stroke The trigger points on the terres minor are unavoidably painful. You may want to warn your client. There is another example of a terres minor stroke with the client side-lying on this website that you might want to view as well.
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9. Trapezius and Latissimus
Trapezius and Latissimus Although the client in this video didn't feel any difference, this is a good stroke for getting the scapulae unstuck from the lattissimus dorsi and trapezius.
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10. Supraspinatus Insertion Stroke
supraspinatus stroke The supraspinatus and its insertion are usually the referral source of pain felt in the distal end of the deltoid.
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11. Glenohumeral Joint De-compression
glenohumeral joint decompression This is a good finishing stroke to other strokes done to relieve stiff or frozen shoulders. It opens up the joint itself in a way the other strokes can't.
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12. Anterior Longitudinal Ligament Stretch
anterior-longitudinal release The anterior longitudinal ligament is always involved in an exaggerated kiphosis and this is a great way to treat it. You can also give this stretch to clients to do on their own.
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13. Pleural Glide Stroke
pleural glide stroke This is a very effective way to help clients increase their inspiration capacity but it is contraindicated for the elderly with osteoporosis.
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14. Forearm Interosseus Membrane
forearm interosseus membrane This is a good stroke to use when the client's wrist or forearm has been broken and ROM and/or ease of motion is compromised.
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15. Clavicle Decompression
clavicle decompression This stroke can be painful so I use it when other strokes to relieve pain, numbness, and tingling down the arm don't work. It lifts the clavicle off the brachial plexus.
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16. Pelvic Torsion & Obliquity
pelvic torsion This is Scott Dobbins, one of my very fine instructors, showing you how to spot a pelvic torsion and obliquity.
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17. Intertransversarii Stroke
intertransversarii stroke Since this stroke works muscles very deep in the neck it should be one of the last strokes you do in your sequence. Doing it in the absence of more superficial strokes can lead to muscle spasms after the session.
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18. Pectoralis Major Stroke
pectoralis major stroke This technique is especially useful for sufferers of restrictions in the shoulder and increases breathing ease.
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19. Achilles Tendon Insertion
Achilles Tendon insertion This is a very useful stroke to further loosen up the ankles and to get more length in the back of the lower leg.
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20. Posterior Knee
Posterior Knee Combined with the same stroke to the anterior knee, this stroke really helps free of tight knees for more easeful movement.
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21. Hamstring Origins
Hamstring Origins I got this stroke from Erik Dalton and it quickly became a staple in my routine when tight hamstrings are contributing to low back pain.
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22. Testing for Spinal Extension
Testing for Spinal Extension Why test for spinal extension? Because poor spinal extension indicates that the spine is not able to perform one of its function — as a shock absorber that conducts kinetic energy from the feet through the torso. Pain along the spine can often result.
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23. Peroneals, Brevis and Longus
Peroneals, Brevis and Longus The key to the effectiveness of this stroke is working the body of the peroneals and its two insertions. Longus inserts at the base of the first metatarsal and cuneiform bones; brevis inserts at the base of the fifth metatarsal.
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24. Hip Capsule Release
Myofascial Release: Hip Capsule Release Ligamentous strokes like this one are best done after you've release all the fascia around the joint. Done first, the restricted muscles will help prevent the joint from loosening up.
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25. Septum between Adductors and Hamstrings
Myofascial Release: Septum between Adductors and Hamstrings Muscle groups are also wrapped in their own tube of fascial tissue. This can lead to one muscle group becoming stuck to one adjacent to it. When this happens each muscle group compromises the functionality of the other. Here's a way to free the adductors from the hamstrings.
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26. External Hip Rotators (Deep Six)
Myofascial Release: External Hip Rotators (Deep Six) This is a great way to work deep to the gluteal muscles. The stroke has many uses, relief of low back pain among them. For that purpose the stroke is best used in conjunction with work to the quadratus lumborum and the illio-tibial band.
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27. Shoulder Labrum Release
Myofascial Release: Shoulder Labrum Release This is a great maneuver after you’ve performed myofascial release for frozen shoulder-like conditions and post surgical rehabilitation. In the Myofascial Release Massage we work tissue superficial to deep so the first line of treatment is fascial followed by joint mobilization.
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Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage