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Testimonials from Howard's Massage Clients

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I just finished my 11-session Hellerwork series with Howard and am amazed at how fantastic I feel. It's as if this work really allowed me to come home to my body and know it's voice for the first time in my life. When I started with Howard, I knew that my muscles and fascia were holding onto old traumas and fears, much of this impacting how I wanted to show up in life personally. Under Howard's gentle guidance and ability to hold space for me as I processed the Hellerwork experience, I was able to release the old stories and traumas literally holding me back. Other noticeable perks have been: reduced body tension, increased mobility, fewer fears about life, bolstered appreciation for what my body can do, and the ability to move through life in new ways with confidence and ease.

Don't hesitate to work with Howard. He's fantastic. This was the best gift I've given myself in years! Thank you, Howard!

Mr. Joseph Heller, Founder Hellerwork. I'm writing to you to compliment Mr. Rontal's strength, compassion, insight and skillful hands.

Joseph Heller replies: Howard was my personal assistant... He delivers Hellerwork of the highest quality.

Hellerwork with Howard has been one of the most positive and enriching experiences I've ever had.

Pages: 123456

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage