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Pain 2 (general) Testimonials

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Hi Howard, it's Rhonda from your last seminar at OCM in October. Hope this message finds you and yours well.

I have been practicing the myofacial release techniques on my 13 yr. old daughter (Kayla) who had a fractured clavicle two years ago and now has the chest convexity.

I work on her anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week, whenever she's willing. Nothing has changed with her convexity but the upper body pain she experiences daily has been significantly reduced to manageable proportion. She enjoys the therapy and can now tolerate a deeper touch from me. This is progress and we thank you!

See you at the upcoming seminar this month!

Rhonda Roush

Linda's physyicain is willng to postpone any invasive procedures

Pages: 12

Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage