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Hi Howard,

Hey, I think about you every massage. I use MRM every massage and having regular clients request the treatment. Definitely the most valuable clinic I have taken.

Hope all is well with you.
Take care

I attended Howard Rontal's course of Myofacial Release Technique in the fall of last year in order to satisfy my educational requirements set forth by the American Massage Therapy Association. Having procrastinated until the last minute, I registered for this course because it was the only course being offered that would meet my scheduling limitations.

What a great surprise it was! This was the best course that I have attended since my graduation in 1994. I have been able to incorporate Mr. Rontal's techniques into my everyday massage therapy routine. It has been very well accepted by my clients, and has increased the amount of relief that I can provide for each and every client.

I would highly recommend this course to every practicing massage therapist and every student who would like to be a great massage therapist.

Scott French, C.M.T. A.M.T.A. member since 1993

Dear Howard,

What can one say after such a marvelous feast? The desert was the best in learning so much at once on the emotional aspect of the human anatomy!!! I have sooo many more questions and I am now coming to an understanding that this study is an endless journey.

After the meloncholy ending for us all...I soon arrived home to write a 23 page business plan..and then late my daughter comes over and wants to talk about my weekend. She is identical to me in every way and sadly, has her momma's self-effacement problems as well. So, I worked on her feet and chest and arms. She is a hard worker and a cosmetologist..on her feet and bending and lifting akwardly each day...on feet for up to 12 hrs at times...poor little dear.

So, she bore the pain and we went through the motions. Then she stood up and had such surprise on her face. Like the day I took her to the zoo and she saw panda bears for the first time in her life. She sooo hugged me and wants more treatments..said that she hadn't felt her breathing and the lump in her heart go away like that before.

I also gave that older, wealthy gentlemen a two hour tour on myofascial this a.m. and he said that he feels like a young man again!! He's 71 and admitted that he didn't feel this way when he was 21!!! He is now dating some older women for just a sports game and dinner and feels so youthful..he looked in my mirror before leaving the house and declared that he has grown about two more inches..he was all smiles and he bounced down the sidewalk to his caddy...and off he went as I waved and it looked to me that his car even bounced with him in rhythm.

I just went outside and caught a glimpse of the little dipper constallation.

When I left your workshop on Sunday evening...the experience I felt all of those days just welled up inside if my heart would flood over. To come home and apply the work and see others so happy was exactly what I needed. This work completes me...and my little dipper is shining again. You have been most kind,,,thank you for all you did for us.

the grasshopper,
rhonda m.

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Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage